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This bonus is only available for new UK / Irish...Terms & Conditions

This bonus is only available for new UK / Irish users who have not signed up or deposited Vera&John before.

Promotions and bonuses are not available when deposits are made via Neteller or Skrill.

Any wins associated with free spins also has a wagering requirement of 40 times.

First Match Deposit Bonus

  1. The bonus money is only used after the initial deposit is used up
  2. Unlike many casinos we only have wagering requirements on the bonus money and any wins from that bonus money
  3. Should you wish to withdraw your deposit or any winnings associated with the deposit (before you have started to use the bonus) you will forfeit the bonus only
  4. The bonus and any winnings associated with that bonus money may not be withdrawn until the wagering requirements are complete
  5. The bonus has a wagering requirement of 40 times the bonus amount
  6. The maximum single bet permitted whilst using a bonus is; unless otherwise specified; 6,25€ (or equivalent) on slot style games and 25€ (or equivalent) for table games and roulette; this includes any additional bets taken in any bonus round or double up feature. Should you wager above these limits, we have the right to confiscate the bonus and any winnings associated with the bonus*
  7. Should the bonus not be used or wagering requirements not complete within 30 days of activating the bonus, the bonus and any winnings associated with the bonus will be forfeit
  8. Any player found to be abusing bonus funds on slot games with a progression mechanic (e.g. Super Monopoly Money, Castle Builder, Tower Quest, etc.) are liable to have any winnings confiscated and may have their account closed.

*All other games not mentioned above have a maximum bet of £6.25 Less

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Vera & John Review

There was a time when people were absolutely crazy about going to casinos and they would make plans and take days off from work to gamble. But all of this is in the past now because we have online casinos as well as brick and mortar casinos.

Vera John Review

A casino is a place where gamblers love to go with the chance of leaving with more money than they came with through games involving luck and strategy; this is their source of excitement and the adrenaline rush. However, physically going to a casino requires an immense amount of planning and often people are not comfortable about going to casinos alone. In this regard, online casinos have truly revolutionized the gambling industry for the long run.

Gambling is now a regular part of the online web world now being accessible to anyone, regardless of their location. The primary focus of this discussion is going to be about Vera&John which is an online casino available for your personal use. During this discussion and review we will explore all the different aspects of this casino and what makes it worth your time. Basically, by the end of this article you will have a clear idea about the product offerings of this online casino. If you are a gambling enthusiast and are searching for a new online casino to gamble at, then you’ll definitely want to learn more about this place.

First impression

When it comes to Vera&John, the very first thing that you need to know is that this casino has a very friendly environment. People often think that this attribute loses its importance once we move from the brick and mortar casinos to online ones, but it is not true. The atmosphere still remains and there and needs to be friendly overall for the gamblers, otherwise there will be a lot of disgruntled customers and those who become skeptical of the site itself. People will not take any risks if they think they are going to be scammed.

Vera&John have put in a lot of efforts to make their atmosphere friendly as well as trustworthy. What’s even more important is the fact that Vera&John offers a gaming environment which is fair. Believe it or not, there isn’t a huge team behind this enterprise. In fact, there are currently a few casino fanatics that are responsible for its success. Another important concern and consideration that gamblers look for in an online casino gaming platform is its compatibility with different software. As far as John&Vera online casino is concerned, you will be pleased to know that software providers including NextGen Gaming, Betsoft, IGT and a few others are powering this casino. While we will explore other features and aspects in the next section of this review, it is important to point out that this online casino looks quite promising so far. If you want to know about the license information of this online casino, the license is authorized by the UK Gambling Commission.

Before we go into the details of other features, it is worth mentioning that online casinos and gaming platforms are unfortunately still considered illegal in many different countries. In this regard, every casino has a list of restricted countries that you should always check before signing up. You have the possibility of being fined under the law if you don’t pay attention to such details. As far as John&Vera online casino is concerned, they don’t offer their gaming platform or services to Italy, Hong Kong, USA, France and China. So if you are a gambler in one of these countries, then you will have to look for another alternative because John&Vera would not be a suitable option for you.

Game Selection

Now we come to the most important part about an online casino – its variety of games.

The online web is filled with casinos that offer only few games despite offering lucrative deals; but players these days are hungrier than ever and want to experience optimal amusement while playing for their gains. Every online casino player likes to have a wide array or collection of games to choose from. John&Vera totally understands this customers’ point of view when it comes to this aspect of online gambling, therefore they offer a huge selection of online games for their users to choose from. This is possible because of the numerous software platforms that are compatible with this online casino as we mentioned earlier.

So, if you are a little concerned about not joining this online because of the collection of games, you shouldn’t be because they have everything to suit anyone’s gaming preferences. Just to put things into perspective, you can simply take a look at the video slot selection on their website; you will find it to be mind-blowing and very impressive to say the least. More specifically, you will notice that every game has its very own unique features, theme and pay table. Just to give you few suggestions, you should definitely try out 300 shields, Wild Blood and Fisticuffs and that’s just to name a few!

Going into more detail, a glance of their table game collection would reveal that you can enjoy one of the biggest libraries of online casino games out there. Popular table games like blackjack and many others have different variants that you could play; each version gives you a totally different experience altogether while maintaining the core premise of the original game. This kind of balance in variants of games is very difficult to maintain and that is where the John&Vera online casino have done an admirable job.

You also have casino pokers, craps, baccarat and a lot of others at your disposal. There is something for everyone at this online casino. If you are not into table games then you could check out the video poker selection. It will definitely provide you a thrilling experience as well.

However, it is important to note that you will have to navigate properly to and find your favorite games. You might want to navigate to the “Scratch & Games” section and then look for your favorite games from there. There are a lot of search customization offered by John&Vera so that the users don’t get lost while finding their favorite games.


Online casinos were a huge breakthrough because they are what enabled people to play casino games and gamble right from the comforts of their homes. Many people actually thought that we hit the saturation point in gambling evolution after this implementation. However, this isn’t the case because there is another avenue that was waiting for the online casino industry. Mobile gaming is another place where gambling made its embark and started providing casino games on the go. Now you didn’t need to sit in front of your laptops or desktop to because you are more than capable of enjoying the gambling experience right on your mobile phone. Huge advancements have been made in this area of industry and the gaming experience is improving day by day.

John&Vera is a forward looking and modern casino and they have full compatibility with the mobile platform. To put it simply, all you have to do is visit their mobile version website on your smartphone or tablet and you can easily navigate and access all your favorite games. It has never been this easy!


Customer support is another very important aspect that online gamblers appreciate. If the casino is not providing good support services to the customers or gamblers, then there is no point of having a huge collection of games. The unique aspect about John&Vera is that their background setup is still small which gives the organization flexibility to fully control all the aspects. Because the structure is tightly-knit, you will notice the customer service to be of the highest quality. More specifically, if you are encountering any issues or just want to get in contact with a representative for clarification on any issue, you could easily do that anytime. The live chat service is always available through which the online gamblers can interact with the John&Vera’s representatives. In addition to the live chat service, you can also get in contact with them through email or through phone. They provide support to customers through all mediums.

Another issue which remains a hot topic among gamblers regarding online casinos is the degree of fairness and security. More specifically, confidentiality is what every player seeks for in an online gambling world. While almost all the online casinos do promise confidentiality, very few of them actually keep this promise. Therefore, the professional gamblers these days only join those online casinos that truly keep their promise. John&Vera is definitely one of those casinos that values the gamblers’ personal information and therefore have the state of the art security measures of protecting this information from all sorts of cyber thieves. To go into more detail, they have SSL Encryption 256 bit that ensures that the data is transmitted in a secure and safe manner. In addition, there is also a firewall protection. Fairness in an online casino is a hard thing to measure or determine and it cannot be done by any individual player. John&Vera online casino has 3rd party audit certificates as evidence that they conduct their business in a fair manner. If you are still skeptical then it would be a good idea to talk to a representative for more detailed information.


Now that we have covered the features and details of John&Vera, it would be a good idea to summarize the pros and cons of joining this online casino.

First of all, the game selection is quite enormous and offers a diverse online gaming experience to gamblers like you. Another major pro of joining this online casino is that gaming is instant as compared to lengthy sign up and other elaborate processes where there is more focus on squeezing your personal info than providing you with the gaming experience.

Another major benefit of joining John&Vera is that they also support mobile gaming which means you can play your favorite gambling games on the go. You also have a top-notch customer support service at your disposal to take care of any concern or issue that might arise.

This customer service is 24/7 which is a big plus when compared to the limited support service provided by many other online casinos. As discussed earlier, the data transmission is completely secure since SSL Encryption is used. Lastly, another major benefit is that the environment is completely secure and the online casino has audit certificates.

Now let’s discuss the few major cons of this online casino. Obviously, the exclusion of people from certain countries because of the gambling restrictions is a huge disadvantage. People from Hong Kong, US and many other places cannot avail this platform. This prohibition is one of the few disappointments of this online casino. Apart from that, the mobile platform which this casino offers is still in the development process and does not offer all the games that you can normally play on the online platform with a regular PC, Mac or laptop.